Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions during
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How much do the units cost?

Our units start at $44,995.00 for a model “S” base unit, but there are many factors that can affect the total cost to start your business. Some of these factors include optional upgrades and features for your wash, shipping, installation costs, insurance, etc. We always recommend scheduling a One-on-One consultation so we can work with you personally to help you estimate the total costs for your unique situation.

How long does it take to get my unit after I order?

In general, our delivery times are between 90-120 days from the date of your order. This can change based on the number of orders currently in the manufacturing process. During a One-on-One consultation we can provide more accurate estimates on current build and delivery time-frames.

Do I need to own real estate to place my unit?

While you can own the real-estate where you place your unit, in most cases, you will find a “partner business” where you can place your unit at their existing business for some form of ground rent, or a land lease. If you do own an existing business, placing a unit on your own business will make it easier (since you don’t have to find or negotiate with a partner business), and will increase your profitability as you won’t be paying rent. We offer a special webinar dedicated to finding and securing host locations or we can address your questions in a One-on-One consultation.

Do you offer financing?

We don’t currently offer in-house financing, but we can help you with some ideas for where you might be able to find financing for your dog wash business. We offer a webinar focused on financing, or we can address financing with you in a One-on-One consultation.

Do you offer Property Management in my town?

We are limited in where we can offer our Managed Unit Program to those areas where we have secured both territories and property management partners. To find out how the Managed Unit Program works, schedule a One-on-One consultation and we can provide more details.

What Connections are needed to install a unit?

The Big Sky Dog Wash unit is an 8’x10′ stand-alone unit that requires:

  • 100 amp Electrical Service – wired to master shutoff on outside of the unit
  • Water – can tap into virtually any water line – plumbed to an external hookup
  • Sewer – can use virtually any sewer connection (all treatments, shampoos, etc are safe for disposal) – plumbed to an external hookup

There are many more features of the unit that you can learn about in one of our educational webinars ( or at a One-on-One consultation.

Is Big Sky Dog Wash a franchise?

No! We are not a franchise – BUT – our optional owner’s network provides tools and services to assist you as an owner. Each dog wash unit is independently owned and operated and is branded with your name & logos/graphics. To learn more about the optional owner’s network and the tools and services provides, attend one of our webinars, or schedule a free One-on-One consultation.

Do you offer a mobile dog wash solution?

Stay tuned….

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