You’re Not Alone

Whether it’s the high cost of living, wanting to be your own boss, or simply looking for ways to diversify your income, Americans are starting “side-hustle” businesses faster than nearly anytime in history. According to, a leading website designed to help side-hustlers get started and thrive, 39% of working Americans report having a side-hustle. That represents approximately 80 million people. To quote the late, great infomercial king, Ron Popeil, “But wait… there’s more”.

Planning to Start a Side-Hustle – by Generation

Roughly 17% of working Americans plan on starting a side-hustle in 2024, and depending on the age-group, the numbers can increase dramatically.

  • Overall Population: 39%
  • Baby Boomers: 24%
  • Gen X: 40%
  • Millennials: 50%
  • Gen Z: 45%


Big Sky Dog Wash as a Side-Hustle?

How much Time & Effort

To answer that question, one must ask “What makes a good side-hustle?” In most cases, a side-hustle is something you do in addition to your regular / day job. Since you’re still working a full-time, or even part-time, job, a side-hustle that doesn’t require a ton of extra time is ideal. Every aspect of the Big Sky Dog Wash has been designed to simplify the ownership and operations to achieve something we call MOE: Minimal Ownership Effort. Some of the ways we’ve made it simple:

  • “Plug & Play” connections – Electric and water/sewer connections are pre-installed to the outside of the unit. Your electrician and plumber and simply connect your unit when it arrives. No work is required inside the unit to connect to utilities
  • Climate Controlled – for year round use by your customers
  • Leveling system – allows for easy set-up when the unit arrives, or when it needs adjusting should settling occur
  • Auto-clean system – Every night your unit will give itself a bath to cut down on cleaning requirements
  • High-Capacity/No Mix Treatment system – reduces the time between soap refills and simplifies the process
  • Self-Serve Dog Wash Unit – your customers use your unit without you having to be there – it is effectively a large vending machine

Return on Investment

According to, a healthy profit margin for a small business is 7%-10%. Even at relatively light usage, a Big Sky Dog Wash can generate a 30% profit margin or even higher.


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