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The Big Sky Dog Wash (BSDW) Managed Unit Program provides owners with a “hands-off” way to earn passive income. But, make no mistake, this is your business with all of the advantages that come with it (income, tax breaks, etc.)

So, how does it work?

You purchase units and sign a property management agreement with one of our property management partners. Your unit is built, branded, and placed into one of Big Sky Dog Washes secured territories, where our property management partners take care of everything.

This is YOUR business…
We just run it for you!

What does Property Management Do?

  • Locate and Negotiate Contracts for Host Business(es) for Unit Placement
  • Coordinate Installation of Unit(s) with Providers and Host Business
    e.g. Transportation, Placement (crane services), Plumbing, and Electrical connections.
  • Secure City/County/Municipal Approval, Licenses & Permits
  • All Cleaning, Service & Maintenance
  • Business Admin – Monthly Reporting
  • Customer Support
  • Host Relationship Management
  • Additional Focused Marketing
  • Unit Monitoring
  • Pass-through savings on soaps, treatments, and cleaning supplies

The charges for third party fees (licenses, permits, plumber, etc.) are still your responsibility, but, the headache of coordinating all those moving pieces falls to us.

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