The ideal business is the one that provides passive income, of that elusive mailbox-money we all desire. Check out Big Sky Dog Wash’s Managed Unit Program – it checks all the boxes.

Have you always wanted to own your own business, but, didn’t really know how to start, or run a business? Are you looking for a “side-hustle” that can provide income for little or no effort? Big Sky Dog Wash’s Managed Unit Program was designed for you.

The Managed Unit Program allows entrepreneurs to purchase dog washes, and earn money from their operations without having to do much at all. It sounds too good to be true, but, it’s based on a simple principle – Let experts run your business for you!

So How does it Work?

Big Sky Dog Wash has partnered with a professional property management company that are experts in all of the facets of setting up, and running a dog wash business. These experts:

  • Find a great location for your dog wash
  • Work with city/county licensing and permitting offices
  • Negotiate Land-Leases with host businesses to place your dog wash
  • Coordinate the transportation, and installation of your dog wash at the host location
  • Perform all cleaning and on-going maintenance of your dog wash
  • Handle customer service calls from your customers when they have questions about using the dog wash
  • Provide you with monthly reports to show how your dog wash is performing, and what checks you need to write for you land lease, and property management fees

Funds from operations are directed right into your business’s bank account.

This is your business. You just hired a professional company to do all the work. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation here: