Big Sky Dog Wash does not have any arrangements with any of the lenders listed. These are simply programs that we know about, or that may know about us. Qualification, rates and approvals for any of these programs are the sole discretion of the lenders, and terms are specifically between borrowers and lenders. Big Sky Dog Wash plays no role the the lending process.

Self-Funding Opportunities

One way to finance your business is through various self-funded opportunities

  • Borrow from a 401k Program (where eligible)
  • Take out a Home Equity Loan / Line of Credit
  • Cash – if you’ve got it
  • Borrow against other assets you may own
  • Bring in Friends and Family into a small business partnership (note not all partners need to contribute the same amounts)
  • Borrow from a wealthy relative with a private note

Commercial Lending Opportunities

Commercial lending may be a great fit for qualified buyers. These are some recommendations on where to begin.

  • Start with your local bank/credit unions – you are a “known-entity” which may help with the lending process
  • If you qualify for special programs (Veteran’s Administration, Small Business Administration), they may be able to help
  • Traditional Commercial Lenders (see some options below)
  • Micro-Lenders (So-Fi, Mo-Fi, Lending Tree, etc.) might be a good fit
  • Business Credit Card programs – new credit card based programs are starting all of the time.

Commercial Lending Programs

These are programs that we are aware of, but, are not affiliated with in any way. All qualifications, terms, etc. are between you and the lender.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo offers a number of unsecured business loans. You can learn more here, or by visiting your local Wells Fargo Branch

US Bank

US bank has a number of programs that may be a good fit for qualified buyers. Contact Wade Austin at 406-670-1308, or by
email at

Opportunity Bank

Opportunity Bank is a Montana based bank who has provided financing for some Big Sky Dog Wash buyers. Contact Gregg Glueckert at 406-970-7435, or by email at

Other Options

There are many local, regional and national lenders that may be able to help finance your units. This is by no means a comprehensive list. As we learn about new opportunities, we will try to update them here; so check back regularly.