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USA Made

Each Big Sky Dog Wash is proudly designed and constructed in Billings, Montana.


Our patent-pending self-cleaning system sets us apart from other dog washes, saving you time and money.


Our high-efficiency units use energy efficient components to reduce operational costs.

ADA Accessible

Our units are built to ADA specifications, making our units accessible to all.

Passive Income Opportunity

Earn passive income with our Managed Unit Program.

5 Great Reasons
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Big Sky Dog Wash

We’re with you all the way!

Big Sky Dog Wash offers entrepreneurs a turn-key business venture to build their own successful enterprise or side hustle in a unique and thriving market. Pet washes are one of the best businesses to buy for passive income, offering stable cash flow and impressive profit margins. Our team is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge, skills and resources you need to grow a thriving pet wash business.

As a part of the BSDW Network (optional), you get ongoing marketing and operations support to promote and operate your convenience-based business to the vast dog owner market.

“Earn passive income with Big Sky Dog Wash’s Managed Unit Program.  Our expert property managers take care of running your units.  You own the business, we handle the headaches.”
“Each dog wash is independently owned and operated. You are in business for yourself…but you are not alone. Big Sky Dog Wash helps you with marketing and operations for greater success.”
“Big Sky Dog Wash offers a turn-key business model for entrepreneurs looking to build a business in a unique and in-demand market.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self-serve dog wash station?

Big Sky Dog Wash (BSDW) commercial dog wash stations are self contained and climate-controlled pet cleaning kiosks for sale to budding or seasoned entrepreneurs looking to generate extra income. BSDW self-service dog wash stations provide safe, comfortable, and convenient locations where pet owners can handle their dog’s basic grooming needs.

This climate-controlled modular Dog Washing Station ensures customer & dog comfort throughout the year. Each 8′ x 10′ Commercial Dog Washing Station is equipped with an external credit card reader, so services are available to customers at their convenience 24/7/365.

What are the benefits to you as a dog wash owner?

Big Sky Dog Wash offers a turn-key “business in a box” business model for entrepreneurs looking to build a business in a unique and in-demand market to earn passive income. Dog grooming services have proven to be a lucrative venture, generating substantial revenue and attractive profit margins.

After initial set-up, BSDW Commercial Dog Wash Stations are designed to require minimal maintenance making this one of the best small businesses for passive income. The experienced BSDW team will guide you through every step as you build your business, ensuring that you have all the necessary tools and knowledge to launch and operate your pet wash business smoothly making it unquestionably one of the easiest businesses to start.

By joining the BSDW Network (optional), you also gain access to continuous marketing and operational assistance, enabling you to effectively cater to the ever-expanding community of dog owners seeking convenient grooming solutions.

What are the benefits to my customers?

Unlike traditional grooming, dog owners can access a safe, climate-controlled Dog Wash Station 24/7/365 without needing to make an appointment. Your pet wash business supplies everything they need, from shampoo and treatments to a fresh blowout. Plus, there is no messy cleanup like at home. Your customer simply has to spray down the tub and walk away for a convenient and hassle-free experience. Learn more about our Big Sky Dog Wash pet washing stations.

How do I choose a location for my dog wash?

The ideal placement for a Dog Wash Station is at a commercial business near a residential area with high visibility. The dog wash station should be placed near city water, electricity, and sewer hookups at or near the business to save on set-up costs. Big Sky Dog Wash offers options for ‘electricity hookup only’ using a water tank system. Network customers can access a sample land lease agreement to help secure a location.

Can I secure a territory?

Yes, you can secure a territory for a nominal fee based on the overall square miles of the territory you want to secure. Territory agreements are renewable every five years. Network locations get a 3.5 sq mile territory for each Dog Wash Station purchased.

When should I expect my unit?

Depending on the volume of orders, delivery times may vary. Contact us to find out more information.

How do I get started?

First, we encourage you to secure your territory with a BSDW Territory Agreement. Second, sign the Purchase Agreement & become a member of the Network. Third, send your deposit. Once your Purchase Agreement and Deposit are received, the BSDW Team will schedule a kick-off to guide you through the pre-delivery process.

Is Big Sky Dog Wash a Franchise?

No. Big Sky Dog Wash is not a pet wash station franchise, it’s better than a franchise. With a Big Sky Dog Wash, you’ll have complete freedom to brand your dog wash station business however you wish and can experience the pride and fulfillment that comes with owning a business without the constraints of a pet wash station franchise. Embrace complete autonomy by branding your facilities according to your unique vision. From a logistical perspective, the biggest reason why it’s better than a franchise is it’s actually *your* business. It’s not opening another Big Sky Dog Wash, it’s opening your dog wash. Experience the pride and fulfillment that comes with owning a business, all without the limitations of a dog wash station franchise and all the benefits of a “business in a box” turnkey business model.

Can I really earn Passive Income?

Yes. With Big Sky Dog Wash’s Managed Unit Program, you unit is place in one of our protected territories where our professional property managers take care of virtually everything. The coordinate the setup, permits, and licensing of your unit. They take care of all cleaning, maintenance and service of your unit. They even handle customer service (answering calls from your customers). Lastly, they will send you a monthly statement with your sales volume, and the amounts that you need to pay to your host business, the property management, and any incidentals not covered by the property management agreement. It’s your business, we just do the work.

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